Alfredo Zamudio Concha, In Memoriam (1928-1999)

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Welcome to my personal page. This page pretends to make it easier for my many friends and family to keep track on me wherever I am. Life is a journey and my personal journey has led me from Arica, Chile to Norway. I have also worked internationally, in places such as the Balkans, Sudan, East Timor and Colombia, where I have learnt many stories about resilience and here are some of those lessons.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

In Memoriam of a good man

Dad and my daughter Posted by Hello

Alfredo Zamudio Concha was born in Santa Rosa de Huara, in the desert of Tarapaca, during those last golden years of the rich mines of sulphate (salitre). He lived a rich - and a poor life - and this is a tribute to him and the people he met. He died in exile in 1999.

And first of all, he was a happy man. And a self-made drawer, technician, contractor, driver. Thousands of small stories could be told. Like the one when he went to the jungle to find oil. Or about his truck, wisely enough named and baptized ad "Goodbye My Money"
But I guess I could start sharing one of his drawings to his grand-daughter. And remember, this is made by a guy who himself sat three years in prison.

My fathers birthday card to my daughter, in1995 Posted by Hello

Letters to my father

"His letters were a feast to my whole family" - writes a pen-pal of my father.(Translation will be available soon)
Con mucha tristeza me entere de la muerte de tu padre,ya que con el
comparti momentos muy bonitos de mi vida, aunque nunca lo conoci personalmente, pero por las cartas que me envio,me sirvieron mucho para darme cuenta que era una persona muy fuerte de caracter, luchador por la igualdad de las clases sociales y un enamorado de su tierra. More of this letter here-->A friend we did not know

Three years that changed our lifes

Dad as a political prisoner in Chile - 1973 ( the tallest guy) Posted by Hello

My dad after 3 years in prison, Chile 1976 Posted by Hello

Did you know what they said about Allende? (spanish site)

- That son of a bitch, that bastard ...(Richard Nixon, about Allende, October 1970)
- When Allende has become the president, we are going to do whatever we can to condemn Chile and its people to the hardest of miseries and sorrows... (Letter from E. Korry, the american ambassador, to Eduardo Frei, October 1970)